More than ten years of US tennis fail at the US Open is the time when they did not produce the top stars.

Andy Roddick, who is the same generation and counterweight (unbalanced) with Federer, Nadal hangs the tennis racket, which makes the US tennis look forward to Mardy Fish (suspended from heart disease) Isner (only capable of holding the top 20) ), Sam Querrey (a mid-range star).

While the world tennis continues to introduce a generation of young stars, many of whom are said to be enough to become the leading players in the future such as Raonic (Canada), Dimitrov (Bulgaria), Kyrgios ( Australia, Janowics (Croatia), the potential faces of the US are just Harrison, Sock – those who haven’t and probably won’t be able to make it to the top 20 in the world.

Or for more than ten years with the 47 most recent Grand Slams held, only five times the young men’s singles championships have been won by American players. This scarcity of talent is the inevitable consequence of a nation where love and trust in success with tennis are declining.

Its evidence is that the free tennis courts are deserted even during the warm, sunny summers on the East Coast of the United States, where Sampras saw his talent before he moved to California with his father.

Washington D.C, where there are more than 110 public tennis courts, about half are only about 2 hours a day in the summer. The only specialized golf shop in D.C also closed two years ago, so now anyone who wants to go to a tennis specialty shop has to cross the Potomac River to Virginia.

If you come to the United States, one should not be surprised to find that many tennis players here use the tennis racket worth several tens of dollars, wear the shoes they buy to practice jogging, and play tennis. quite similar to badminton in public tennis courts.

But even the number of children attending standard tennis courses held every summer in clubs has dropped significantly. The famous IMG Bollettieri Academy since the late 90’s has begun to witness the number of students registered here nearly passing each year.

The probability of success is low while the financial investment and effort is immeasurable (including at least one accompanying family member) to deter families with children who want to become a professional tennis player.

About 500 thousand USD for a long-term training process at IMG for young talent, until he has enough wings to become a professional, is a small number while getting rich from tennis is a myth for those who cannot fall into the top 100 ATP.

American women’s tennis also has Serena Williams is considered lucky as she is the last surviving from a golden period.