With the momentum of strong football development in the US, the most recent achievements in the recent World Cup, many people have said that football can become more popular than basketball in the US. However, the numbers say the opposite.

In the United States, the number of basketball players is the largest, with nearly 25 million, nearly twice the number of football players. The salary of the athletes is also a difference. On average, a footballer in the US earns about US $ 600,000 a year, only one-tenth of the basketball team’s salary and one-fifth of the baseball player’s salary.

In America, basketball is no longer a sport, it is a culture, a symbol and a part of people’s lives. Children in the US are given the maximum opportunity to play this sport on the soccer field everywhere.

The reason basketball has such a vitality in the United States is because the country has developed this sport in a very unique way. Americans fostered a love for basketball from ordinary life instead of separating the boys who wanted to be stars from school and into the chicken training centers. American basketball does not wait for the fans to come, it actually reaches everyone.

It is often said that football has Pele, racing has Michael Schumacher, basketball has Michael Jordan – an American. Whether it is political or economic, America always wants to be No. 1, distinguishing them from the rest of the world, and sport is not out of that idea. American basketball has a unique position in the international arena, possessing the most attractive NBA tournament in the world and the professional NCAA tournament system. Basketball became a specialty deeply rooted in American spirit alongside rugby or baseball. For a country where identity sports have long been ingrained in people’s minds like basketball or rugby, later sports like football don’t really have many opportunities to become popular.

There are many reasons why football does not fit with American identity, and that is why Americans don’t like football. Firstly, football has few goals. Americans love to watch sports that score consistently, like basketball to maintain drama and excitement throughout the game. It was tedious for the audience to waste time and money on the pitch and often witness a match with no points scored. And it is also a sport that is difficult to control, because a strong team still loses to the weak team, because of its few goals.

Second, American football is said to be the sport of the weak. The football player keeps bumping and falling, but sometimes it falls as well. The image of Western cowboys is a symbol of American culture, a nation made up of immigrant colonists, who must tame aboriginal people and vast lands far away. Must be strong, it is American men. So they like football (the main skill seems to be rushing, overlapping), and boxing.

Third, Americans prefer individual performances and high accuracy in finishing shots, while football is a collective game and the accuracy of playing with one’s feet is far lower than that of the hands.