American football is famous globally because it has unique rules and style compared normal football. So, it is interested many fans of football in the world as new experience about their favorite sport.

In this article, we continue to share major events in history of American football. To have secure position as nowadays, it has gone through series of difficulties and changes. So, it’s regretful for any fan but lacks knowledge about this game they love.

As referred in the former article, the match in 1895 between Latrobe Athletic Association and Jeannette Athletic Club was considered as the first match to remark profession in American football.

Then in 1897, the Latrobe Athletic Association released a policy about salary for players. All footballers and anyone served this club should be received salary for the whole season. They became the first professional football team at America.

Then some regulations about performance were launched to reduce issues about injuries and accidents. However, several rules still were brutal. Almost matches had problem about fractured ribs or broken noses, legs. 

For example, according to report of the Chicago Tribune, in 1904, there were 18 players died and 159 players were in serious injuries. In 1905, the number of deaths continued to 19 players. These numbers were terrible and criticized by the society. Although it was still loved and played popularity throughout the nation.

Before this matter, in Oct 1905, the president Roosevelt had a conference at the White House with college representatives to discuss official rules in football so that they could limit injuries and deaths. It was a period of reform about quality of matches, for example using helmets, clothes or reducing the time for one match. 

As soon as the regulations were launched, it was received positive responses from players. As a good result, the level of deaths and injuries was improved dramatically.

American football or NFL is well known as the most favorited and popular sport in the USA. It is not only developed in this nation but also famous for many international fans.

In this article, we will discuss some major events in history of American football.

Origins of American football

In the late 19thcentury, some students in North American universities created a new game under inspiration from rugby and soccer which was called as “gridiron football”. This game was played at the rectangular pitch where there were vertical yard lines around.

However, in the first period, American football was a little brutal and chaotic to challenge young students in colleges. It happened serious injury rate after the match. Furthermore, it was also a mix and match rules in soccer and rugby so it looked disorder and un-organized.

The first match in American football

According to documents, the firstly official match was accepted between Princeton and Rutgers in 1896. Both college teams were from the north-eastern. Finally, Rutgers became winners. 

However, spectators can’t realize the first match in American football because the rule was completely different from nowadays. They used hands to kick or throw ball to the scoring zone.

Through leagues and times, rules in American football has been dramatically improved and changed to become perfect as nowadays.

When American football turned into profession

During growth of the society, some American football matches were organized at some colleges in the North, then spreading to other areas in the USA.

In 1892, there was a significant event to remark the professional era of football. William was paid $500 to play a match against Allegheny Athletic Association. It was considered as the birth certificate of pro football. 

Then American football teams focused on practicing and playing to earn money more.

In 1895, the first professional game between Latrobe Athletic Association and Jeannette Athletic Club met under pro method. Furthermore, players also were paid salary as if they worked official jobs. 

Coming to study and live in the US, how will you witness American sports enthusiasts?

1. Baseball

This is a sport that reminds me more of my homeland than any other sport for Americans. Not only for entertainment, professional baseball is considered a sport by the Americans as a national pastime game of the United States. Although the game has been greatly improved from its origins in the rounders game, baseball is defaulted as an American creation.

2. Basketball

Basketball was known in the US in the late 1800s by a physical education teacher. Basketball is one of the top favorite sports in the US, more than what the whole world calls “king sports”. In the US, the number of basketball players is the largest, with nearly 25 million, almost twice the number of football players. The television viewership of basketball is also nearly half that of football.

3. Hockey

Ice hockey is a team sport played on the ice, in which participants use their skateboarding sticks to hit the ball into the opponent’s net. Ice hockey is most common in areas that are cold enough to form a seasonal ice sheet with a natural, safe stiffness.

That is also the reason why this subject is popular in regions with cold weather of the United States. There are 30 teams in the professional league, called the National Hockey League – this is also the top prize for male athletes.

4. American football

American football is very popular at the high school, college, and professional levels (called the National Football League) with everyone around the country. The top soccer competitions of the year are usually held on the first Sunday in February and are one of the biggest social events of the year.

There are also a number of other sports that are played and viewed throughout the United States, including rugby, lacrosse, wrestling, mixed martial arts (MMA) …

With the momentum of strong football development in the US, the most recent achievements in the recent World Cup, many people have said that football can become more popular than basketball in the US. However, the numbers say the opposite.

In the United States, the number of basketball players is the largest, with nearly 25 million, nearly twice the number of football players. The salary of the athletes is also a difference. On average, a footballer in the US earns about US $ 600,000 a year, only one-tenth of the basketball team’s salary and one-fifth of the baseball player’s salary.

In America, basketball is no longer a sport, it is a culture, a symbol and a part of people’s lives. Children in the US are given the maximum opportunity to play this sport on the soccer field everywhere.

The reason basketball has such a vitality in the United States is because the country has developed this sport in a very unique way. Americans fostered a love for basketball from ordinary life instead of separating the boys who wanted to be stars from school and into the chicken training centers. American basketball does not wait for the fans to come, it actually reaches everyone.

It is often said that football has Pele, racing has Michael Schumacher, basketball has Michael Jordan – an American. Whether it is political or economic, America always wants to be No. 1, distinguishing them from the rest of the world, and sport is not out of that idea. American basketball has a unique position in the international arena, possessing the most attractive NBA tournament in the world and the professional NCAA tournament system. Basketball became a specialty deeply rooted in American spirit alongside rugby or baseball. For a country where identity sports have long been ingrained in people’s minds like basketball or rugby, later sports like football don’t really have many opportunities to become popular.

There are many reasons why football does not fit with American identity, and that is why Americans don’t like football. Firstly, football has few goals. Americans love to watch sports that score consistently, like basketball to maintain drama and excitement throughout the game. It was tedious for the audience to waste time and money on the pitch and often witness a match with no points scored. And it is also a sport that is difficult to control, because a strong team still loses to the weak team, because of its few goals.

Second, American football is said to be the sport of the weak. The football player keeps bumping and falling, but sometimes it falls as well. The image of Western cowboys is a symbol of American culture, a nation made up of immigrant colonists, who must tame aboriginal people and vast lands far away. Must be strong, it is American men. So they like football (the main skill seems to be rushing, overlapping), and boxing.

Third, Americans prefer individual performances and high accuracy in finishing shots, while football is a collective game and the accuracy of playing with one’s feet is far lower than that of the hands.