There is a strange martial art in the world that thrives in prisons and reeducation camps in the US but little known is Jailhouse Rock.

In addition to being mostly confined to the United States, Jailhouse Rock’s movements looked very odd, so the subject was still known by quite a few martial arts enthusiasts around the world.

Jailhouse Rock has caused a lot of controversy surrounding whether this is an official martial art or just a fighting style with its own characteristics.

This martial art is widely developed in many prisons and re-education camps throughout the United States. The most important system of Jailhouse Rock includes 52 punching techniques, quite similar to boxing and Savate martial arts of France but the movement is much more flexible, sometimes twisting like dancing but very effective in practice.

Jailhouse Rock’s technique is richer than boxing in addition to boxing, it also uses some other parts of the body to attack such as pillows, heads, shoulders and a number of low kicks, sweeping stones are compared with the doctrine of Wing Chun is right.

Jailhouse Rock’s forte is easy to practice due to simple and highly improvised moves, even this subject has some features quite similar to Krav Maga, boxing. Initially only being widely developed in prisons, but thanks to the very high efficiency in real combat, the Jailhouse Rock fighting system gradually became a recognized martial art.

Among the famous figures in the United States, including the legend Mike Tyson or Zab Judah used to love Jailhouse Rock. Even some cult celebrities in the showbiz world like actor Larenz Tate and rapper Ludacris also practice this discipline to apply in their cinematographic and musical works.

So far, even experts in the US have not been able to determine when Jailhouse Rock was born. According to some documents, this discipline was born from the fierce battles in New York prison since the 1970s.

During this period, Black Belt magazine published photos and videos introducing Jailhouse Rock’s 52 techniques. Immediately, it attracted great attention from the American people. A lot of people have spent time practicing this subject because it is considered an interesting fighting type.

In a short time, Jailhouse Rock was developed in the east coast of the United States and especially flourished in New York.

But according to Dennis Newsome, a researcher and master of Jailhouse Rock, the martial art was originally invented by the African-American community in the 17th or 18th centuries.

They were originally slaves subjected to repression by white men, so they built a battle system to protect themselves.

At first, Jailhouse Rock was only secretly learned. It is likely that this is the reason why the movements of this martial art have similarities with some types of African dance, to disguise during practice.

School sports in America are among the strongest in the world. However, statistics show that the number of children aged 6 to 12 years competing in the country has dropped by nearly 8% in the last decade.

School sports in America are among the strongest in the world. But a new study published last week by the American Association of Sports and Fitness Industry and the Aspen Research Institute shows a pessimistic signal. The number of children aged 6 to 12 competing has dropped nearly 8% in the past decade, according to The Washington Post.

According to the above statistics, in 2008 nearly 45% of children (6 to 12 years old) played on a regular sports team. This year, this figure is only 37%. That’s one of the three ominous trends for young sports in the US: fewer people join, rising costs and poor coaches.

USA Today newspaper last week led the case of the couple Judy Carter and Dwight Davis to see that, students who want to play sports well, the cost is not small.

Mr. and Mrs. Davis recently flew from the US to Scotland, which is said to be the home of golf. The couple spent a total of $4,800 for 10 days following the progress of their son Ian Davis – turning 14 in August. He participated in the European golf championship for American children – U.S. Kids Golf European Championship 2017 – and finished in 32nd when competing at the age of 13.

Davis and his wife had high expectations for Ian Davis to play the game at the age of 7, and Mr. Dwight estimated that the investment for his children should be at six digits. Davis – now a vice president of a global information technology company – admits to sacrificing a lot, such as not traveling a lot and withdrawing about $400,000 in his retirement fund.

Recently, they sold their house in Dallas to move to live in Orlando, Florida. This is a way to help Ian improve skills at Bishops Gate Golf Academy, where tuition is about 60,000 USD.

The Davis story typical of the expensive cost to develop athletic ability.

After Chelsea’s victory over Burnley 4-2 in the away field in which young American star Christian Pulisic brightly scored a spectacular hat-trick, Lampard said: “It’s worth helping Pulisic find the best for Chelsea”.

Pulisic got off to a rough start because the pressure to replace the departed star was Eden Hazard. In the midst of this, the American player was also burdened by the talent comparison that was commensurate with the record transfer fee of £58 million (the highest in American football history) when he parted from Borussia Dortmund to come to Chelsea in earlier this year or not, but will only play officially this summer.

Therefore, after eager to prove his ability but immediately met a staggering defeat early in the season when Chelsea was defeated by Manchester United (M.U) to 4-0.

After this match, Lampard coach almost did not use Pulisic, even making him could be forgotten because at the same time other young stars of Chelsea such as Tammy Abraham, Mason Mount or Callum Hudson-Odoi, Michy Batshuayi and the whole bridge veteran Willian is back to play great to help Chelsea recover from the defeat of MU

The American press therefore worried that his star would become a wrongful contract at Chelsea, and urged Pulisic to consider leaving the winter transfer window in order to get more opportunities to play.

However, Lampard coach actually had a plan to silently revive Pulisic, a player whom his teammates and the British and American press called “Captain America” ​​based on the name of a hit movie. Lampard recently launched Pulisic back from the sidelines, and achieved his intentions as in the 1-0 win over Ajax midweek. It was Pulisic who helped Batshuayi to score the only goal in this match.

In the match against Burnley, Chelsea led 4-0 to 86 minutes, then suddenly the opponent took 2 goals back. Fortunately, the match time ran out so the home team could not turn the situation.

According to Lampard Coach: “These are 2 goals that came from our negligence. Of course, I will have to talk to my players about this incident, and make sure it doesn’t happen again. But this does not stop the assessment of Chelsea having a great match away from home, and the great shine of Pulisic.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s lawyers have submitted documents to the court asking a US judge in Las Vegas to end or must arrange negotiations to resolve the case of Kathryn Mayorga – a former Nevada model who alleges the superstar Portuguese raped her in 2009.

According to AP, Ronaldo’s lawyer in Las Vegas, Peter Christiansen said Ronaldo has always affirmed that his relationship with Mayorga (36 years old) was a consensus, so he filed for dismissing the lawsuit. According to the lawyer, a document was filed on October 14 in a US court to ask the judge to make a decision for out-of-court negotiations to resolve the case.

The lawyers representing Mayorga did not answer AP questions over the phone, email and text messages related to two recent court records about her lawsuit stemming from a 2010 secret deal and paid $375,000 from Ronaldo to ask her to keep quiet about her relationship with CR7.

Mayorga’s lawyers accused Ronaldo of breaching contracts, coercion and fraud. Therefore, the former American model wants to cancel the contract in 2010 and must be compensated at least $ 200,000 from Ronaldo.

Mayorga’s lawyer said she did not break the commitment, and accused Ronaldo or the superstar’s associates of allowing the publication in European media publications in 2017. Meanwhile, the lawyers of the striker who plays for Juventus club that the confidential information was leaked by a hacker attack and it is being used by Mayorga to damage Ronaldo’s reputation. Therefore, CR7 lawyers asked the US court to issue a decision to end or dismiss the case that Ronaldo raped Mayorga in Las Vegas in 2009.

Although the lawsuit caused Ronaldo to be in turmoil when his family life was turned upside down, the 34-year-old superstar still maintained a good performance at Juventus and Portugal. CR7 has just become the 6th player in the history of world football to reach the milestone of 700 goals in official matches of the national team and the club.

A lawsuit filed by four American athletes accused the former US Olympic taekwondo coach Jean Lopez and her brother Steven of forcing them to be sex slaves.

Four American female athletes have filed a lawsuit in federal court, accusing the US Olympic Committee (USOC) and the American Taekwondo Federation (USA TKD) of forcing them to train and become sex slaves during their travels. According to AFP, four athletes, including Heidi Gilbert, Mandy Meloon, Amber Means and Gaby Joslin, have gone to Colorado court as a plaintiff of what they called “two decades of taekwondo athletes in the US Olympic team have been abused, exploited and sexually trafficked by the same organizations, officials, coaches and assistant coaches, who are entrusted with the duty to protect the athletes”.

The complaint of the four female athletes mentioned above named the former US Olympic taekwondo coach Jean Lopez and his younger brother Steven (each won 2 Olympic gold medals). Jean was banned by the US Center for SafeSport from the US Center for SafeSport for a lifetime ban from participating in every tournament, every taekwondo event in the world. Steven is temporarily restricted from participating in the investigation.

Meloon, a world champion twice in a 2007 lawsuit, reported that she had been raped by Jean at the 1997 World Cup in Egypt when she was 15 years old. She left Jean’s 2007 team and submitted the case to the USOC Arbitration Board. Gilbert claimed Jean had sexually assaulted her after competing in Ecuador in 2002 and in Germany in 2003. According to the lawsuit, female athletes who wanted to join the US taekwondo team had no choice but to respond sexual needs of the Lopez brothers. If they refuse, they will be forced to sit on the bench, suspended or kicked off the team by the Lopez brothers, USOC and USA TKD”.

USD TKD sends press releases to the newspapers stating that there is no time to review the details of the lawsuit and because “this is a legal issue under investigation, it is not appropriate for us to comment deeper in the moment”.

More than ten years of US tennis fail at the US Open is the time when they did not produce the top stars.

Andy Roddick, who is the same generation and counterweight (unbalanced) with Federer, Nadal hangs the tennis racket, which makes the US tennis look forward to Mardy Fish (suspended from heart disease) Isner (only capable of holding the top 20) ), Sam Querrey (a mid-range star).

While the world tennis continues to introduce a generation of young stars, many of whom are said to be enough to become the leading players in the future such as Raonic (Canada), Dimitrov (Bulgaria), Kyrgios ( Australia, Janowics (Croatia), the potential faces of the US are just Harrison, Sock – those who haven’t and probably won’t be able to make it to the top 20 in the world.

Or for more than ten years with the 47 most recent Grand Slams held, only five times the young men’s singles championships have been won by American players. This scarcity of talent is the inevitable consequence of a nation where love and trust in success with tennis are declining.

Its evidence is that the free tennis courts are deserted even during the warm, sunny summers on the East Coast of the United States, where Sampras saw his talent before he moved to California with his father.

Washington D.C, where there are more than 110 public tennis courts, about half are only about 2 hours a day in the summer. The only specialized golf shop in D.C also closed two years ago, so now anyone who wants to go to a tennis specialty shop has to cross the Potomac River to Virginia.

If you come to the United States, one should not be surprised to find that many tennis players here use the tennis racket worth several tens of dollars, wear the shoes they buy to practice jogging, and play tennis. quite similar to badminton in public tennis courts.

But even the number of children attending standard tennis courses held every summer in clubs has dropped significantly. The famous IMG Bollettieri Academy since the late 90’s has begun to witness the number of students registered here nearly passing each year.

The probability of success is low while the financial investment and effort is immeasurable (including at least one accompanying family member) to deter families with children who want to become a professional tennis player.

About 500 thousand USD for a long-term training process at IMG for young talent, until he has enough wings to become a professional, is a small number while getting rich from tennis is a myth for those who cannot fall into the top 100 ATP.

American women’s tennis also has Serena Williams is considered lucky as she is the last surviving from a golden period.

Once upon a time, referring to baseball as mentioning America, or at least American sports. But this subject has gradually lost that image, although still popular.

Glorious past

The US sports market is huge and each sport has its own appeal, a unique golden age. Baseball was the same way, in the early twentieth century.

The Guardian newspaper (UK) had revisited the history of baseball, and found that in the period just turning to the twentieth century, baseball was famous enough to be considered the main sport of the Americans.

In the 1920s, baseball fans could swim for hundreds of miles just to see a flesh-and-blood Babe Ruth. The New York Daily News hired a journalist just to write about Ruth, and only Ruth, for 365 days a year.

The stars of this baton and run, for example, Ruth, became an idol not only as an athlete, but almost canonized. And the World Series is even more so than the football World Cup. It is a congress.

If today’s football superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo were to be paired with a great beauty, then in the old days, Joe DiMaggio’s marriage to Marilyn Monroe was a testament to the position of baseball stars.

Worrying reality

Sadly, baseball, after influencing factors throughout history, has declined in image and is no longer occupying a unique position in American sports. Even if this year’s World Series started with the participation of some of the most prestigious teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros, it could not change the fact that rugby – the NFL, was the traditional subject. valid for over 10 years.

A little bit of statistics can bring more or less optimism to baseball fans, as the tournament is still quite rich. Game 7 of the World Series taking place in 2016 is estimated to have 40.05 million followers. It was the pinnacle of baseball in the last 25 years, with an audience that is 70% higher than the 2014 World Series Game 7 final. Sales of the American Professional Baseball League (MLB) in 2016 reached about 10 billion USD, which has increased continuously for 14 years.

However, compared to the Super Bowl – now an iconic show that goes beyond rugby, the baseball audience is still inferior. The Super Bowl 2016 attracted 111.3 million views when the New England Patriots battled the Atlanta Falcons. Factors that make baseball anxious and rugby confident lie in the demographics.

Baseball is thought to be pale in the eyes of young people, and without the participation of many African American communities at major tournaments. In other words, a number of immigration rules in the past have made baseball into a state of past, not diversified players, so it lost many audience members. The exact opposite of what happened with rugby or basketball today, which are sports that represent American solidarity regardless of their background.

The United States is a country with many sports leading the world. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when community sports movement is very popular among teenagers today.

Children in the United States are always facilitated to participate in sports in addition to learning in the classroom. Let’s find out the most popular sports that most of young people in the US learn.


According to ESPN, in 2006-2012 there were more than 450,000 girls playing for a school basketball team, boys being over 550,000. This number has increased year by year and became the most popular in the United States. The characteristic of this sport is that it can help children grow in height. Besides, they also learn many skills when participating in this subject and do not pressure on competition.


Baseball is an equally popular sport compared to basketball among young people in the US today. At first, both girls and boys started by playing Tee Ball (baseball for children aged 4-8 years to develop their soccer skills and to relax).

As they get older, they can join tournaments where they play professional football and higher levels. In the United States also share the subject of baseball for men and baseball for women (women will use softball). And this sport is ranked in the 5 most popular sports today for young people in the US.


This sport is also very popular in the United States and many children love this sport. In America, the idea that football is for all ages and everyone can participate with different forms of practice. Therefore, many parents have directed their children to play this subject. Moreover, they also consider this a safe subject if they are taught to play methodically and not wearing helmets like other subjects. This will help young people to be comfortable in the process of learning and playing football.


Compared to football, basketball, and baseball, volleyball is not appreciated, but it is also in the top 5 most popular sports in the US today. Notably, most of the kids in the US who participate in volleyball are girls, because it does not require too many skills when they first start practicing.


Young people in the US also enjoy the game when both men and women can participate. Moreover, crazy is a diverse subject and children can learn such as running, jumping, walking, even high jump, pole dancing,… participating in this course will help young people strengthen their fitness. and resistance, so parents in the US are also very interested in this subject and for their children to attend.

With the momentum of strong football development in the US, the most recent achievements in the recent World Cup, many people have said that football can become more popular than basketball in the US. However, the numbers say the opposite.

In the United States, the number of basketball players is the largest, with nearly 25 million, nearly twice the number of football players. The salary of the athletes is also a difference. On average, a footballer in the US earns about US $ 600,000 a year, only one-tenth of the basketball team’s salary and one-fifth of the baseball player’s salary.

In America, basketball is no longer a sport, it is a culture, a symbol and a part of people’s lives. Children in the US are given the maximum opportunity to play this sport on the soccer field everywhere.

The reason basketball has such a vitality in the United States is because the country has developed this sport in a very unique way. Americans fostered a love for basketball from ordinary life instead of separating the boys who wanted to be stars from school and into the chicken training centers. American basketball does not wait for the fans to come, it actually reaches everyone.

It is often said that football has Pele, racing has Michael Schumacher, basketball has Michael Jordan – an American. Whether it is political or economic, America always wants to be No. 1, distinguishing them from the rest of the world, and sport is not out of that idea. American basketball has a unique position in the international arena, possessing the most attractive NBA tournament in the world and the professional NCAA tournament system. Basketball became a specialty deeply rooted in American spirit alongside rugby or baseball. For a country where identity sports have long been ingrained in people’s minds like basketball or rugby, later sports like football don’t really have many opportunities to become popular.

There are many reasons why football does not fit with American identity, and that is why Americans don’t like football. Firstly, football has few goals. Americans love to watch sports that score consistently, like basketball to maintain drama and excitement throughout the game. It was tedious for the audience to waste time and money on the pitch and often witness a match with no points scored. And it is also a sport that is difficult to control, because a strong team still loses to the weak team, because of its few goals.

Second, American football is said to be the sport of the weak. The football player keeps bumping and falling, but sometimes it falls as well. The image of Western cowboys is a symbol of American culture, a nation made up of immigrant colonists, who must tame aboriginal people and vast lands far away. Must be strong, it is American men. So they like football (the main skill seems to be rushing, overlapping), and boxing.

Third, Americans prefer individual performances and high accuracy in finishing shots, while football is a collective game and the accuracy of playing with one’s feet is far lower than that of the hands.

When it comes to famous sports in the world, everyone probably thinks of the football. But for the United States, football is not the top sport of this country.

So what is the favorite sport in this country? If you are also wondering this, then let’s explore right through the article below.

Basketball (NBA)

Basketball is known as a fighting sport between 2 teams, each team has 5 people. The goal is to score a lot of points by putting the ball in the opponent’s basket legally and defending so that the opponent does not get the ball into the basket.

This is the most popular sport in the US and China. In the media and through sports programs on television, we have known one of the oldest basketball tournaments in the US – the NBA – is a professional basketball tournament with the presence of of the top players in the world.


As one of the most favorite sports in America, baseball makes people remember America more than football. Baseball is played well by people of average height and weight. Therefore, they are considered by the Americans to be a democratic sport.

Major League Baseball (MLB) is the professional sports organization for baseball in the United States and Canada. Major League Baseball has a total of 30 teams from different states of the United States and Canada (29 teams from the US and 1 team from Canada). These 30 teams are divided into 2 different tournament systems, American League (AL, roughly translated as American League) and National League (NL, roughly translated as National League) with 15 teams for each tournament.

Rugby (NFL)

Rugby is considered the No.1 sport in the US and it has a greater attraction than football. It is a popular team sport in this country. The National Football League, or NFL for short, is an American football tournament for men, comprising 32 participating teams. The tournament was started in 1920 and went through two mergers with the AAFC and AFC.

The tournament takes place from the first Thursday of September and ends the first Sunday of February next year. The tournament has 3 stages: the beginning of the season takes place about 2 weeks at the end of August, the official season takes place in 3 months to the new year and the playoffs take place in 1 month of the new year. The final is called the Super Bowl and is considered an unofficial festival in the US. The sport has become the No.1 sport of this country and is an indispensable spiritual dish of the American people.