History of American football (Part 2)

American football is famous globally because it has unique rules and style compared normal football. So, it is interested many fans of football in the world as new experience about their favorite sport.

In this article, we continue to share major events in history of American football. To have secure position as nowadays, it has gone through series of difficulties and changes. So, it’s regretful for any fan but lacks knowledge about this game they love.

As referred in the former article, the match in 1895 between Latrobe Athletic Association and Jeannette Athletic Club was considered as the first match to remark profession in American football.

Then in 1897, the Latrobe Athletic Association released a policy about salary for players. All footballers and anyone served this club should be received salary for the whole season. They became the first professional football team at America.

Then some regulations about performance were launched to reduce issues about injuries and accidents. However, several rules still were brutal. Almost matches had problem about fractured ribs or broken noses, legs. 

For example, according to report of the Chicago Tribune, in 1904, there were 18 players died and 159 players were in serious injuries. In 1905, the number of deaths continued to 19 players. These numbers were terrible and criticized by the society. Although it was still loved and played popularity throughout the nation.

Before this matter, in Oct 1905, the president Roosevelt had a conference at the White House with college representatives to discuss official rules in football so that they could limit injuries and deaths. It was a period of reform about quality of matches, for example using helmets, clothes or reducing the time for one match. 

As soon as the regulations were launched, it was received positive responses from players. As a good result, the level of deaths and injuries was improved dramatically.