History of American football (Final part)

Here we continue to share major events in history of American football. 

As shared in the former article, America has a long history about football which it is developed in an unique way.

Now, we will go to the foundation of NFL and the first American football league.

During the First World War, there was thirsty of about labor force, so no many strong players to serve for football tournaments.

This was the reason why leading to raise salary, transfer or franchise among other clubs so that they had enough players to go the glory. However, there was no Association to manage or control this matter, so it caused disputes and even fighting.

As the consequence, the American professional football association was established in 1920. Their missions were to help and release the rules in football, so that all clubs should be followed. Until 1922, it was changed name as the National football league, or standing for NFL. This name of association was still maintained until nowadays.

Through NFL, clubs were established or purchased footballers each other officially. Within 10 first years, there were more than 40 footballed teams formed and registered to the NFL.

Or some famous clubs in NFL like the Arizona Cardinals being the oldest franchise, Wisconsin’s green packing company, the Packers so on…

To increase quality of footballers, NFL organized one training meeting to select several potential players, then train them to become profession in the league. Although there were some successful footballers, still had some failure in selection or training. But finally, it was a good recruitment to employ more players to NFL.

When the Second world war came, NFL had to face series of struggles about finance, footballer or spectators to survive. Although they faced some troubles in franchises, they still overcame to maintain NFL season through years.