David Beckham’s teary letter wrote a farewell to Kobe Bryant

Former England football player David Beckham has had many years playing for LA Galaxy since 2007, and is very close to former basketball superstar Kobe Bryant, who has also devoted his career playing for the basketball team. LA Galaxy, but has just suddenly died after a recent tragic helicopter crash.

The tragedy with Kobe Bryant made not only sports, politicians, but also the world entertainment industry mourned this famous former basketball player because after retirement, he had many projects and plans for the future is in many areas, and it’s just the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

As recently as Kobe Bryant invades the television industry, participating in many commentary programs and owning an intensive basketball analysis program on ESPN.

In March 2018, this Philadelphia-born star “Dear Body of Basketball” won an Academy Award for “Best Short Animation”.

However, now all the next plans of Kobe Bryant are unfinished. In thousands of words shared about the tragedy of the loss of sports and entertainment in the US, former player Beckham wrote a long and touching letter on Instagram.

Beckham said that it took him many hours to think about what happened to Kobe Bryant and to be very thoughtful to think about what to write, but still no words can describe my feelings after the departure of Kobe (Bryant).

Beckham and Kobe Bryant have been close since 2007, when Beckham decided to move to the United States to play for LA Galaxy in the MLS. The former player also goes to the Staples Center to see Kobe Bryant play for the LA Galaxy professional basketball team.

Also in the letter, Beckham wrote: “This is a special athlete, a husband, a father, and a friend. It is difficult to write these words. It is painful to know that we have lost a wonderful person and his beautiful, talented daughter.

At the same time, Kobe’s determination as he has overcome his pain to complete the match has inspired me every day. There are times when I go to see basketball and know that special things always happen when the game has 2 minutes”.

Sharing the loss of his best friend, Beckham also did not forget to share his sadness with the families of other victims who also suffered a great loss in the tragedy with Kobe Bryant.

Beckham’s touching letter now attracts more than 2 million viewers and shares.

Due to the Kobe Bryant tragedy, LA Galaxy’s basketball game earlier this week was delayed, while thousands of fans arrived in front of the Staples Center, LA basketball’s home ground Galaxy, to commemorate its legendary athlete.